Tradition of innovation has its demands. As civil engineers, our principle is to look for innovative and high performance solutions, all the way trough to their implementation. We pride ourselves on applying the same ethics of reflection and sense of responsibility in setting-up our own office, its organisation and communication. Over the past fifteen years, our business grew from four to almost thirty colleagues. To manage this growth, a change of corporate name was necessary. Today, "Guscetti & Tournier" has made place for "Guscetti & Tournier Ingénierie Civile" Limited.

2002 was also a year of consolidation. In spring we moved our two offices into our new premises in Carouge, rue du Pont Neuf 12. This move gave us the chance to rationalise our work within the office.

These changes also gave us the opportunity to create a new image for our company. We are happy to present it to you today.

Parasismic architecture and engineering award 2007
Our website is now avalaible in English