We have at our disposal state of the art equipment which allows us to ensure an optimal service, be it simple documents or the most sophisticated 3D conceptional models.

We use an efficient and fully secure network based on different servers. The workstations are the latest technology and designed to carry out the most demanding tasks.

We are equipped with specialized software to create technical drawings, 3D designs, modelling and analysis of complex structures, planning, submission of tenders and cost management, and of course, office and communication tools.

Network 3 Novell servers
1 Linux server
1 Windows 2003 server
managed network
Workstation 30 workstations (Pentium 4 1.8GHZ or sup., 512 MB RAM or sup.)
5 latops
Windows XP professionnel
Conception Autodesk Architectural Desktop 2008
Autodesk 3D Studio
Bacad 2007
Calculation Axis VM 7
Cubus Statik 5
Cubus Cedrus 5
SpaceGass 10
Planning Microsoft Project 2002
Baucad Bati2000 v8
Communication   Novell GroupWise 7, Intranet (intranal information plateforme), Extranet (informations sharing with partners), Internet
Bureautics Microsoft Office 2007